COVID-19: How foreign students can get vaccinated in Kyrgyzstan

COVID-19: How foreign students can get vaccinated in Kyrgyzstan

COVID-19: How foreign students

can get vaccinated in Kyrgyzstan

There are no obstacles for vaccination of foreigners against COVID-19 in Kyrgyzstan. The Republican COVID-19 Headquarters reported with reference to the head of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic Ainura Akmatova.

According to her, since the coronavirus pandemic has affected the whole world, all healthcare systems are interested in increasing the vaccination coverage of their citizens.

«If a citizen of another country stays in Kyrgyzstan for a long time, then, of course, he or she needs to be vaccinated here. These are, for example, employees of international organizations, embassies, employees of companies on a business trip, students or tourists. They can also become a source of infection. In order to protect yourself and others, to form immunity to coronavirus infection, you have to get vaccinated,» she said.

Foreigners are vaccinated both collectively and individually. They can get two doses of the vaccine here, or they can get one dose in the republic and the second in their home country.

Ainura Akmatova

Foreign citizens can get any available free vaccine against COVID-19 at all vaccination centers — temporary or stationary. The vaccination procedure itself is the same as for the citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic:

— Person provides a passport;

— Fills in the informed consent sheet;

— Gets an advice from a group of doctors at the vaccination center. Blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate are measured;

— Information about the vaccinated person is entered into the database;

— Gets a vaccine;

— Undergoes a well-being control, staying 30 minutes in the waiting room;

— Receives a badge and a memo about possible reactions to the vaccine (peculiar and unusual).

Data on vaccination of foreigners, as well as citizens of the Kyrgyz Republic, are entered in the register of vaccinated persons, which is available on the website. Foreign citizens can print a certificate of vaccination through the online database.

Ainura Akmatova added that vaccination certificates of the Kyrgyz Republic are recognized all over the world. «You can check its authenticity using the QR code. Citizens of Kyrgyzstan, for example, can also provide our certificate when applying for a job in Russia. They also can get vaccinated there. The authenticity of certificates has to be constantly confirmed. At the last meeting of the chief sanitary doctors of the CIS countries, the issue of official mutual recognition of certificates was raised. We also believe that it is necessary to make such a decision once,» Ainura Akmatova noted.

She added that at present, all EAEU member countries give their written consent. The next final meeting on the issue of mutual recognition of certificates should be held on February 15.