Dean's Office

Dean's Office


Dean:  Yulia Davydova

+996 555 374 708


The dean's office is a structural subdivision of the faculty, formed for the direct management of the faculty and the organization of student educational process. In its activities, the dean's office is guided by the current laws of the Kyrgyz Republic "On Education", "On Higher and Postgraduate Professional Education", "Model Regulations on Higher Educational Institutions", the University Charter and this Regulation.


  • Organization of educational, methodical, scientific, career guidance and educational work at the faculty.
  • Organization and coordination of the activities of the departments and other structural divisions of the faculty, organization and optimization of the educational process at the faculty.
  • Organization of the development of curricula on the basis of state educational standards for educational programs for which the faculty is responsible.
  • Organization and coordination of interdepartmental scientific research (including scientific and methodological work).
  • Analysis and forecast of the state of the markets of educational services, scientific services, the labor market, the corresponding adjustment of admission plans to the faculty, curricula and work programs.
  • Informing students of the faculty about their employment opportunities.
  • Cooperation with related faculties of the university and other universities in all types of activities of the faculty.
  • Implementation of measures to ensure safe and comfortable conditions for employees and students in accordance with the university plan. When solving these tasks, the dean's office performs the following functions:
    - Ensuring the implementation of basic and additional educational programs in the areas and specialties
    of training at the faculty.
    - Accounting of the student body and their academic performance.* Information and reference services for students on
    learning issues.
    - Formation, maintenance and transfer to the student office of personal files of students.
    - Interaction with the admission and state attestation commissions during the enrollment and final certification
    of students.
    - Coordination of the activities of the departments of the faculty on the educational process, examination procedures.
    - Preparation of documents, draft orders, orders for the faculty.
    - Control over the condition of educational, scientific, office and other premises, as well as material values and other property assigned to the faculty.
    - Organization of career guidance and communication with graduates of the faculty.
    - Coordination of the work of the faculty with the work plans of other departments of the university.
    - Organization of office work and document management at the faculty.

The State educational standard for "General Medicine"

The main educational program for the high professional education

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