The main purpose of the Association is to:

consolidating the efforts of graduates to increase the public importance and recognition of the Eurasian International University (hereinafter - the University), maintaining the corporate spirit of graduates of the University.
formation of a complex of contacts among the members of the Association.
Strengthening corporate unity at all levels.
Implementation of an effective mechanism for lobbying the interests of the Association members.
Improving the efficiency of the use of the intellectual potential of graduates of the University and its opportunities for training and retraining of personnel to improve the well-being and internal potential of members of the Association;
promoting the training of highly qualified specialists.

In order to achieve its objective, the Association, through the exercise of its rights, has the following objectives:

Creates a data bank of University graduates;
Promotes the development of effective forms of professional development of graduates of the University;
promotes the development of effective forms and technologies of the organization of the educational process;
Assists the University in its work on the vocational guidance of young people, on new recruitment to the University, on the distribution and employment of university graduates;
develops (creates) new collective forms of information, legal and advertising services of the Association, rendering to members of the Association advisory assistance in their professional activities;
creates conditions for priority implementation of scientific and practical ideas directly related to members of the Association;
Identifies sources of funding, resource support and organizes competitions of projects and programs for obtaining state and other most significant orders;
Organizes exhibitions, conferences, seminars, schools, competitions, etc.;
Settles disputes between members of the Association;
Promotes the development of effective forms of participation of the members of the Association in the creation of a well-equipped material base of the University.