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Chief Specialist of the International Department - Meerim Chamasheva


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About International Department

The international cooperation of the University are carried out through the International Department and are guided in their activities by the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic, the laws on education of the Kyrgyz Republic, instructions and regulations of the Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Charter of the EIMU, the Orders of the Rector, the internal regulations of the University.

The main task of the International Department activity is to organize and coordinate the participation of EIMU in international cooperation programs aimed at improving the quality of educational programs, strengthening research, educational, cultural potential and increasing the international prestige of EIMU and further attracting foreign students and teachers to study and cooperate with the university. 

On a regular basis, the International Department conducts protocol events on current student holidays and cultural events. 

Together with SANAT-TV a media plan for the information campaign of EIMU for 2020-2021 was developed and an active participation is being taken in creating video clips, publishing booklets and video materials. 

We constantly work with governmental and diplomatic missions on the issues of the educational process and the training of foreign students. We have established contacts on educational TV projects with the representative office of Rossotrudnichestvo in Kyrgyzstan. One of the main tasks of EIMU is the development of strategic partnership and networking with leading foreign organizations in the field of science, education and innovation. 

Visa and registration

Carrying out passport and visa work in the preparation of documents for issuing visas to Kyrgyzstan, as well as for teachers and students traveling abroad. 

Basic functions:

  • Registration of invitations and entry visas for foreign delegations and students invited by the university individually or within the framework of bilateral agreements.
  • Registration of study visas for foreign students at the request and according to the documents provided by the deans of the relevant faculties.
  • Submission of a package of documents to the Department of the Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic (DCS) to provide visa support to foreign students.
  • In case  of expiring the validity of visas to foreign citizens, it is mandatory to coordinate with the State Committee for National Security of the Kyrgyz Republic (SCNB).
  • The DCS of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic, after approval from the SCNB of the Kyrgyz Republic, issues study visas to foreign students.
  • Registration passports for foreign students.
  • Informing the authorized representatives or directly students on the timely submission of a package of documents for getting a study visa and migration regime in Kyrgyzstan.
  • Interaction with the Consular services of Embassies accredited in Kyrgyzstan on the issues of extending the validity of the passport of foreign students.

How to get a study visa for a foreign student?

After crossing the state border of the Kyrgyz Republic, you must register at your place of residence within 5 days or submit documents for registration to the passport and visa department of the EIMU. 

To register, you must provide the following documents:

  • passport and a photocopy of it;
  • a receipt for payment of the state fee;
  • a notarized application from the owner of the apartment where the student lives (if he does not live in the hostel of the EIMU campus)

Study visas are issued for a period of no more than 1 academic year, with the possibility of an annual extension with a total period of no more than 5 years, or the duration of a training course in a particular educational institution.

To obtain a visa, you must provide the following documents:

  • avalid passport;
  • application from the dean's office of the faculty;
  • a copy of the individual contract between the student and EIMU;
  • photo in digital format;
  • certificate from the place of study.

The list of foreign states with the terms of exemption of foreign citizens and stateless persons arriving in the Kyrgyz Republic from registration at the place of stay in the authorized state bodies or at the place of residence

As part of the career guidance work of the International Department, a database of Internet portals has been formed for sending information materials as part of an information campaign. Together with SANAT-TV, a media plan for the information campaign of EIMU for 2020-2021 was developed. 

International cooperation

We constantly work with state and diplomatic missions on the issues of the educational process and the training of foreign students. We have established contacts on educational TV projects with the representative office of "Rossotrudnichestvo" in Kyrgyzstan. One of the main tasks of EIMU is the development of strategic partnership and networking with leading foreign organizations in the field of science, education and innovation.

The University has a wide geography of cooperation with the world's leading scientific and educational centers in the field of medicine and biology. Together with the medical center "Bicard" (Professor Mustafa Unil, Turkey), "Cardio Asia Plus" and others, projects are being implemented in the field of cardiology, cardiac surgery and neurosurgery.

EIMU is aware of its role in the country, and therefore projects are being implemented to improve the skills of teaching staff and medical staff of the Avicenna Medical Clinic in the best medical centers in Turkey (Osmongazy University, Eskisehir).

Representatives of EIMU are also members of the founders of the International Contemporary Medical Academy of Science (ICMAS) ( On the basis of the academy, meetings will be held to exchange experience, train doctors and medical students from different countries. Research will also be conducted with the participation of doctors from different countries, current approaches, modern practices, the latest technologies and methods of treatment in accordance with the specialization will be considered.

On December 2020, the article of the Vice-rector for Educational Process of the EIMU Batyr Osmonov "Always ready to fight for the patient" was published in the Russian journal "Perspective of the Search Generation".

The integration of EIMU into the global scientific and educational space and its positioning at the international level continues through the development of partnerships with universities, research centers and organizations of the world, such as:

1) Tashkent Medical Academy

2) Tashkent Dental Institute

3)Samarkand Medical Institute

4) Andijan Medical Institute

5) Mutually beneficial cooperation has been established with the Herbrand Medical Center (Poland) in the field of healthcare, academic, scientific, educational and cultural cooperation, including the exchange of teaching staff, researchers, students, the exchange of publications, academic programs and joint research projects, as well as the introduction of new forms of online training in specialties.

6) The international medical journal "World medicine" has been launched jointly with the Herbrand Medical Center (Poland), where our professors are on the editorial board.

7) Has been signed a contract for the training of pharmacists and pharmacists, signed a contract with the Medical Center Herbrand (Poland) in the field of online training in the new specialties "IT medicine" and "Management in healthcare", "Construction, maintenance of IT networks and equipment for the healthcare system".

8) Cooperation agreement with Lahore University of Pakistan.

9) Cooperation agreement with the University of South Asia of Pakistan.

10) Established cooperation with the Russian project "Pharma. Global-Russia-ecosystem of smart solutions for pharma" on cooperation in the field of training of pharmaceutical specialists.

11) On the way of signing an agreement with the Turkish University Maltepe Universidesi (Turkey)

12) An agreement has been signed with a Korean company to open an Academy of Plastic Surgery and Cosmetology (to be implemented after the end of the pandemic)

13) In the context of the pandemic developed and subsequently was finalized by the information technology group the algorithm for the operation of the website and online training of students, trainings were held to train the teaching staff to work on online platforms, as well as to establish cooperation with the mobile company "Megakom" to provide students and teachers with an access to Internet services during the entire period of online training.

In the process signing an agreement with the University of Bashkent (Ankara, Turkey) and Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov, Republic of Belarus,with the clinic "Ankalife" (Istanbul, Turkey), with the clinic "Nova IVI" (Delhi, India), with the Kazan State Medical Academy, on the exchange for short-term training and practical training of students. In the future, this practice of student exchange and teacher training is planned to be carried out with other specialized institutes of foreign countries.

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