Eurasian International University is an innovative educational and research higher education institution with international status.


Training in-demand highly qualified specialists of the new generation who profess the values of domestic and world art, preserving national flavor, developing the tourism and design industry, strengthening public health through the training of medical personnel in accordance with European standards in the digital age.


University – this is an intellectual educational platform for pedagogical skills with the values of domestic and world culture, art with the preservation of national flavor and training of medical personnel, as well as specialist managers of a new format with digital skills for the development of tourism through advertising and public relations.


     Strengthening the position of the scientific and educational platform for training specialists for primary education, tourism, design, art and advertising.


  • Modern infrastructure.
  • Creation of a system of professional guidance and selection of talented youth to study at the University.
  • Introduction of information educational technologies, interactive methods and forms of teaching into the organization of the educational process.
  • Development of human resources and a system for advanced training of University employees.
  • Professional training and quality teaching taking into account the needs of society and the state.
  • Methodological and information support of educational work.
  • Formation of a creative competitive personality.
  • Implementation of a quality management system.
  • Development of international activities.
  • Improving the quality of training in all educational programs, taking into account the needs of employers.
  • Systematic development of research, information and analytical work, expert and project activities.
  • Creation of a system for continuous improvement of the professional potential of faculty and staff.