Dear Applicants !

     You are faced with a challenging task - to choose an educational institution that will help you realize your life plans and dreams, and open up new perspectives for you. The Eurasian International University places its emphasis first and foremost on the energy and ambition of young people to achieve this goal. Your energy, determination, desire to develop, and unleash your creative potential will be in demand with us like nowhere else. Already, at EIU, an environment has been created where every student can count on support in the development of their creative and sporting initiatives, as well as comprehensive support for the boldest projects. Without a doubt, the doors of EIU are always open to those who want to receive a modern education. Here, innovative teaching technologies are used to prepare highly skilled specialists who are capable of being leaders, working in teams, adapting to the professional environment, taking action, and succeeding in competitive conditions. And while everything is just beginning for you, let this beginning be successful!

With respect, Rector, Professor Rosa Amanovna.