The Medical Faculty

The Medical Faculty

The Medical Faculty is an educational and scientific administrative unit of the university that implements a professional educational program of higher professional education and provides training in accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education in the field of "Medicine."


The Medical Faculty is dedicated to the training of a new generation of doctors through the integration of medical education, advanced fundamental and clinical research, in order to contribute to the provision of quality medical care, disease prediction, and the enhancement of public health.


The Medical Faculty aims to be a leader in the training of competitive and sought-after medical professionals in the global job market, capable of applying the achievements of science, education, and medical practice by incorporating innovative technologies in the field of medicine into their professional activities.


The strategic goal of the Medical Faculty is to achieve international recognition of graduates who are capable of applying practical knowledge and skills to provide qualified assistance to the population.


  1. Creating conditions for faculty and students.
  2. Developing and improving the quality of educational services in the field of medicine for training foreign specialists who have competitive advantages in the national and international job markets.
  3. Continuing professional development of faculty and students.
  4. Ensuring the use of modern simulated medical equipment in the educational process.
  5. Creating conditions in the university clinic for students to complete various types of practical training.
  6. Creating an internal university environment that enables the development and nurturing of talents, and the formation of professional and personal qualities in students who inherit socio-cultural traditions in medicine.
  7. Implementing personnel, educational, and scientific policies that ensure the integration of the faculty into the international scientific and educational space.