World Student Day

World Student Day

Eurasian International University celebrated World Student Day in the large assembly hall.

Stakeholders of the “Faculty of Medicine” came to congratulate you on Student’s Day. and the Faculty of Arts, Social Sciences, Humanities, Pedagogy and Psychology.

The teachers, together with stakeholders, organized an exhibition of their artistic works in the form of paintings and clay products.

A significant moment for first-year students was the taking of an oath and receiving a grade book and a key of knowledge from graduates who wished them an interesting, unforgettable student life, obtaining excellent knowledge and positive grades in the grade book. Separately, each student was given an individual record book and student ID by the dean's office.

The concert program was organized by 2-4 year students, and 1 year students of the “Design” direction held a fashion show in ethnic style under the leadership of Bektenova V.E., head of the Department of Design, Media and Communications.

On this day we encouraged our activists with letters of gratitude: Atif Ullah gr. GME-2-19s, Arbaz Beli gr. GME-1-20f, Nariman Mohamed Aish Alshaer gr. GME-1-21f.

On this significant occasion, poems were read to first-year students:

Today we are consecrating all those who enrolled with us this summer
today as students!

We are glad that you came to these walls!
May they be a cozy home for you!
We want you to be a worthy replacement,
Let only honors diplomas await you!