New Year’s message from Rector of EIMU Mr. Esen Saliev

New Year’s message from Rector of EIMU  Mr. Esen Saliev

New Year’s message from Rector of EIMU

Mr. Esen Saliev

Dear Colleagues and Students, 

The time of the most beautiful holidays in the year is coming and these days is automatically associated with the welcoming of the New Year. This period has its own charm as well, since almost every communication starts with New Year wishes. The New Year period is also precious because it is preceded with a hectic time of performing duties in the educational process that characterize the end of the semester, and we  are eager to slow down the working pace, to enjoy the festive atmosphere in the family, among friends and to recharge our batteries. 

The passing year was challenging for entire world, the university and for each of us. At the same time, we will always remember all the victories of our students and the scientific achievements of teachers that has given this year. The university had passed the comprehensive accreditation process of the National Accreditation for 5 years, passed accreditation process from IAAR but only with three criteria we were not able to be accredited. Experts from IAAR noted that we have very strong point of having our own Clinics Avicenna Medical and another base – Mamakeev’s National Surgery Center, we have bright resources like fantom center, vivarium and many others.  So, now we have to maintain a high pace in the activities to brush our weak points to get bright quality outputs in the next year accreditation by IAAR. I do believe that the year 2022 will be characterized as one of the successful ones in the university’s history.

 Dear Colleagues and Students, 

I use the space of my New Year message to thank you for your dedicated work to the benefit of our University. My thanks also belong to our students, who represent us in various scientific, sport, or social competitions. 

On behalf of all the members of the university management I wish you beautiful and joyful Days. May the lights of peace and happiness shine together with the lights of the New Year’s Tree in the eyes of your family members. On behalf of all the faculty and administrative staff of Eurasian International Medical University, I would like to wish you a very happy and successful 2022. 

May this new year, under the sign of cooperation and solidarity, be one of peace, health and friendship for you and your loved ones, and may happiness and prosperity be yours throughout the year!

 Sincerely Yours,

 Esen Saliev